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Your printers should always be performing. We keep your toner flowing.

Toner Supply Management

When you’re printing an important document, every second counts. Running out of toner—and having to run to your local office supply store for more—is the last thing you need.

But what if your toner simply showed up on your doorstep, exactly when you need it, without even having to think about it? With CBM’s toner supply management program, it’s that easy.


Step One

Our software collects data from networked devices and uses that data to monitor the toner level in your printers.

Step Two

When your toner level reaches a certain point in any device, we receive a notification telling us to send you more.

Step Three

You receive additional toner before your device reaches 10% of its remaining supply.

Step Four

You replace the used toner cartridge with the new one when you need it.



You don’t need to spend valuable time visiting a retail store or tracking down your specific brand of toner online. When you allow us to anticipate your needs, your time is well spent, and your printer is never down.


Whether you use generic or manufacturer toner, the cost of the toner supply management is much lower than retail toner prices. In fact, you can save between 30% and 50% on toner.


Prefer to continue using your own office devices instead of having us supply them to you? We’re happy to accommodate by monitoring and supplying toner for the devices you already have.


We ship to any business anywhere in Canada, so no matter where you are, you don’t need to keep a large amount of toner in stock. It’s never been easier to avoid unexpected shortages!

"Anyone can sell hardware. What sets CBM aside from the rest is superior support, knowledge and accountability. They own the whole process from start to finish. Case closed."

— Paul Fahey, JV Driver Projects

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