CBM has proven to be an excellent partner, and has not only stood behind their services and solutions, but has also added value through their progressiveā€Ž view on adding future value to the Landtran brand.

Landtran Group of Companies

Anyone can sell hardware. What sets CBM aside from the rest is superior support, knowledge and accountability. They own the whole process from start to finish. Case closed.

Paul Fahey - ICT Manager, JV Driver Projects

The CBM service team is on top of any issues that come up. A quick phone call to them and our machine is fixed the same day, often within a couple hours.

Brian Alguire - Vice President, Finance & Building Operations - The Winspear Centre

We love our new machine! No jams, no crying, no cursing, no wanting to drive over the machine with our cars.

Maryann Halladay-Canadian Invoicing Team Lead, Intertek Inspection Services Ltd

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