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A Managed Print Service (MPS) is an external service provider who reduces some of your administrative workload by managing all of the printing needs of your business, including: managing supply inventory and ordering, device installation and technical support, ongoing maintenance, optimizing office workflows, and more.

Printing powers productivity

But in some companies, print environments can spiral out of control. Disjointed processes between equipment procurement and the ordering of supplies and services can result in high costs and an unmanaged printer fleet. That's where we come in. CBM can increase your operating efficiency, reduce costs, and implement a plan to reduce your carbon footprint in three simple stages.

1. Analysis

Evaluate the current state of your printer fleet and office systems

We start by reviewing your existing environment, from printer fleet size to print volumes and more. We locate underutilized devices, low-productivity areas, costs associated with each device, and even your current environmental impact.

2. Recovery

Optimize and automate your printing systems to reduce costs

Make the most of your devices with forward-thinking solutions and print monitoring software. Our experienced managed print team can help you optimize your device placement and decrease your supplies inventory. We also help you reduce your administrative costs with accurate forecasting.

3. Control

Monitor and reiterate for continued success, improvement, and efficiency in your printing and office automation

Our team monitors your optimized fleet to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. Through regular check-ins and maintenance, we continuously improve your scanning workflows, rules-based printing, and document management.

Want to Make Printing Simple?

Keep tabs on all your devices in one place. From toner levels to power usage, our print management system gives you a complete view of your fleet.

Need immediate device support?

We provide after-hours support service with our help desk. Our on-site support team is happy to deliver in-person assistance.

Trying to Optimize Printer Usage?

Get only what you need, when you need it. We help your MFPs and scanners run more efficiently, saving you time and cutting downtime expenses.

Looking for reliable service?

You can always count on our technical support. We remove uncertainty with simple, easy-to-understand recommendations.

Ready for Better Printing?

Get in touch with a CBM Print representative today.

"The CBM service team is on top of any issues that come up. A quick phone call to them and our machine is fixed the same day, often within a couple hours."

- Brian Alguire - Vice President, Finance & Building Operations - The Winspear Centre

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