Print & IT Services in Edmonton for Law Firms

Need to stay competitive?

Running a successful law firm means more than just winning cases. You have to manage your attorneys, cases, finances, and the paperwork that comes with it all. Have you considered the hidden liabilities when your firm doesn’t manage documents properly? Shuffling through disorganized, ROT data wastes your precious time—and lack of traceability for sensitive cases is a huge security risk.

Proactive Print Management

Anti-Virus Protection

Streamlined Document Scanning

Manage cases with ease

We know you handle a lot of paperwork. Sorting and processing it can be overwhelming  or just bothersome. With better devices and workflows, you can cut hours of manual labour. Get more facetime with clients and focus oincreasing revenue. 

Protect sensitive data

Cybercriminals love law firms. Do you have the tools to protect your data? Don’t let security gaps threaten your confidential client information. CBM’s managed IT services ensure network security, anti-virus protection, and more.

Need a one-stop tech expert?

If it has a cable, CBM can make it work better. You can focus on your dealership's success while we keep your technology running smoothly. Whether you need more efficient print workflows or on-site desktop support, we’ll deliver a flexible, customizable solution. We build what we do around your business. 

We offer: 

  • Proactive solutions for printing problems and supply replenishment 
  • Scanning workflow solutions through a one-touch automated workflow 
  • Easy toner supply and returns 
  • Secure cloud storage for your digitized documents 
  • Responsive, on-site IT support 
  • Active protection from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats 

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