Managed IT & Print Services for Insurance Agencies

Need to stay competitive?

With so many insurance providers in the market, we know you’re pressured to offer better, faster service. What’s getting in the way of your success? The hours it takes to manually process policy and claim approvals. Excessive paperwork and disorganized hardcopy storage. You need software and devices that digitize and simplify file transfer. CBM can deliver the most advanced technology to your office, from printers and copiers to servers and networks. 

Reduce redundant (paper)work

Paper and unprocessed scanned documents create redundant work for insurance companies. Spend more time servicing clients than shuffling with paperWith scanning solutions that instantly make documents digital, you can enhance record trackability and save hours of file management. CBM’s managed print service can make that happen with the best software and devices out there.

Deliver better client service 

Are your sales, policy management and reporting files easy to access? Are they secure? With storage management and safe, cloud-based hosting, your team can service clients with less interruptions. Digitized solutions simplify your work, whether you’re an advisor, broker or underwriter. CBM’s support doesn’t stop there—we also monitor your network health to ensure minimal downtime and faster performance. 

Need a one-stop tech expert? 

You don’t have to multiple call providers anymore. CBM takes care of everything technical, from printers to desktops and mobile devices. We help you focus and deliver quality client service without battling with bugs and broken machines. Whether you need a standardized scanning workflow or a disaster recovery plan, we have flexible, customizable solutions. We build what we do around your business. 

We offer: 

  • Proactive solutions for printing problems and supply replenishment 
  • Scanning workflow solutions through a one-touch automated workflow 
  • Easy toner supply and returns 
  • Secure cloud storage for your digitized documents 
  • Responsive, on-site IT support 
  • Active protection from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats 

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