Managed Print Services for Insurance Agencies

Need to stay competitive?

With so many insurance providers in the market, we know you’re pressured to offer better, faster service. What’s getting in the way of your success? The hours it takes to manually process policy and claim approvals. Excessive paperwork and disorganized hardcopy storage. CBM can deliver the most advanced technology to your office, with printers and copiers.

Proactive Print Management

Streamlined Document Scanning

Reduce redundant (paper)work

Paper and unprocessed scanned documents create redundant work for insurance companies. Spend more time servicing clients than shuffling with paperWith scanning solutions that instantly make documents digital, you can enhance record trackability and save hours of file management.

Need a one-stop print expert?

If you need more efficient print workflows, we’ll deliver a flexible, customizable solution. We build what we do around your business. 

We offer: 

  • Proactive solutions for printing problems and supply replenishment 
  • Scanning workflow solutions through a one-touch automated workflow 
  • Easy toner supply and returns 

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