Managed IT & Print for Construction Companies

Trying to build a more efficient workforce?

In this competitive industry, it’s essential to keep your technology up-to-date so you’re as fast and flexible as possible. Unfortunately, you’re restricted by regulations and bogged down by tedious paperwork. An excess of paper documents can lead to major inefficiencies, but construction companies struggle to reduce their paper output because of the industry’s demandsHow do you work around this and keep overhead expenses under control?

Proactive Print Management

Backup & Data Recovery

Streamlined Document Scanning

Reduce redundant (Paper)work

Paper and unprocessed scanned documents create redundant work for construction companies. Organize your blueprints, bid proposals, SOWs and more with scanning solutions that instantly make documents digital. CBM’s managed print service can help you enhance record trackability and save hours of file management.

Keep paper on the move

Are your contracts, schedules, specs, and estimates easily accessible—and are they printing when you need them? Do you have powerful printers and efficient workflows? Your paper should move quickly and easily. Keep documents flowing with CBM’s reliable print management and regularly managed toner supply.

Need a one-stop tech expert?

If it has a cable, CBM can make it work better. You can focus on your dealership's success while we keep your technology running smoothly. Whether you need more efficient print workflows or on-site desktop support, we’ll deliver a flexible, customizable solution. We build what we do around your business. 

We offer: 

  • Proactive solutions for printing problems and supply replenishment 
  • Scanning workflow solutions through a one-touch automated workflow 
  • Easy toner supply and returns 
  • Secure cloud storage for your digitized documents 
  • Responsive, on-site IT support 
  • Active protection from malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats 

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