The Landtran Group of Companies is one of the largest integrated, regional distribution operations in Western Canada. They provide logistics and transport services across Canada, the US and Mexico.

Looking to streamline processes and achieve consistency on device pricing, level of service and overall organizational efficiency, Landtran requested an assessment to determine the feasibility of moving to a single provider who could include high-level service agreements and reporting parameters to routinely track device performance and cost-savings over time.

We conducted a 90-day assessment with our managed-print-service software; Steward, which projected cost savings in many tens of thousands of dollars annually and we were able to offer a service model that was effective across all of their locations, some of which presented significant logistical challenges. We also developed a customized template to monitor year-over-year changes, cost-savings and the environmental impact of their fleet.

As a result, Landtran has access to specific metrics, benchmarks, and reports that help ensure all business groups are working efficiently. By centralizing the purchase process, CBM has brought improved consistency in terms of pricing, device types and service levels. In addition, we provide collaborative support to Landtran?s in-house IT personnel, working together to ensure IT systems and print devices are functioning together effectively.

Four years after our initial assessment, the success of CBM?s initiatives is still apparent. Despite a 30% increase in monthly print volumes, in 2013 we were able to reduce the average monthly cost-per-page by nine percent.

"The CBM service team is on top of any issues that come up. A quick phone call to them and our machine is fixed the same day, often within a couple hours." -Brian Alguire - Vice President, Finance & Building Operations - The Winspear Centre

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