KDM Management is a condominium management service in St. Albert, Alberta. They assist boards in managing buildings and communities through meetings, budgeting, and documentation. They had several locations and a large number of files containing building information, and they were running out of server space.

We helped with file maintenance, organization, and digitizing information, and we began by taking over all print devices. All files would now be stored digitally, and we created scanning stations in 15 locations around their offices. This meant that staff could now scan workflow and file documents electronically, going paperless almost overnight.

But converting files from print to electronic was limited by the existing IT infrastructure, so we offered our full-service IT team to the task. When they installed the initial file management system, we discovered that KDM?s IT provider was using Novell and other outdated programs.

Because we?re one of the only office management companies in Canada to offer IT services, the need for new infrastructure wouldn?t have been discovered by anyone else. Our ability to offer solutions and deal with potential problems early is one of the reasons we?ve been able to maintain a strong, long-term relationship with KDM Management.

"We love our new machine! No jams, no crying, no cursing, no wanting to drive over the machine with our cars." -Maryann Halladay-Canadian Invoicing Team Lead, Intertek Inspection Services Ltd

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