At Southgate VW they believe the key to their business is building lifetime clients. This process hinges on successfully serving the needs of their customers on an ongoing basis. Southgate takes this approach into building their partnerships with local business. They believe in building long lasting relationships with business leaders in our community. These local companies provide more care and due diligence into supporting Southgate?s needs, just as Southgate does in supporting their customer?s needs.

CBM is fortunate to be one such partner whom Southgate has built a long relationship with. CBM has been providing Managed Print and Managed IT service to Southgate VW since 2013. Despite initial roadblocks in building our IT partnership, CBM has since found stability and is providing the direction and stronger support that Southgate VW requires. Our IT service may not have been up to par during early stages; however, we have since made significant strides to match the level of service we are providing Southgate in Managed Print. Alongside the development of IT services for Southgate, CBM has made sure to provide an impeccable Managed Print service.

The people at CBM have demonstrated a commitment to Southgate?s needs and the building of the long-term relationship desired. Moving forwards CBM will seek to improve cost savings and continue to build stability into the services we provide Southgate. CBM believes in lifetime partnerships just like Southgate VW and feel fortunate to work with the world class organization that Southgate is.

"The CBM team goes the extra mile to ensure that we ‘the customer’ are always put first." -Keller Construction

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