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Case Studies: The following are just a few examples of our work.

Grey and blue logo for Southgate Volkswagen

Southgate Volkswagen

At Southgate VW they believe the key to their business is building lifetime clients. This process hinges on successfully serving the needs of their customers on an ongoing basis. Southgate takes this approach into building their partnerships with local business. They believe in building long lasting relationships with business leaders in our community. These local companies provide more care and due diligence into supporting Southgate's needs, just as Southgate does in supporting their customer's needs.

CBM is fortunate to be one such partner whom Southgate has built a long relationship with. CBM has been providing Managed Print and Managed IT service to Southgate VW since 2013. Despite initial roadblocks in building our IT partnership, CBM has since found stability and is providing the direction and stronger support that Southgate VW requires. Our IT service may not have been up to par during early stages; however, we have since made significant strides to match the level of service we are providing Southgate in Managed Print. Alongside the development of IT services for Southgate, CBM has made sure to provide an impeccable Managed Print service.

The people at CBM have demonstrated a commitment to Southgate's needs and the building of the long-term relationship desired. Moving forwards CBM will seek to improve cost savings and continue to build stability into the services we provide Southgate. CBM believes in lifetime partnerships just like Southgate VW and feel fortunate to work with the world class organization that Southgate is.

Black and white logo for the Winspear Centre

The Winspear Centre

The Francis Winspear Centre for Music hosts a broad spectrum of musical entertainment and is the home to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. As well, performances seen on its stage can range from comedy shows to National Geographic presentations and from university graduations to rock concerts. Since it opened in 1997, the Winspear has constantly looked to improve its presentation capabilities; one of the more significant additions being the spectacular Davis Concert Organ, which was incorporated into the building in 2002. Today, the Winspear is currently busy initiating construction of a new 600-seat concert-level performance theatre, which will also include other educational and service facilities. The goal of the project is to further increase the Winspear's community impact, engagement in downtown Edmonton, and to become the true home for Music in Northern Alberta.

One of the most important factors to the Winspear in choosing their print provider is the ability to photocopy and produce complex musical sheets for the orchestra. When CBM approached the Winspear we were not only able to propose our excellent products and service, but we were also able to provide the custom solution necessary to meet this requirement. Our customized solution combined with a promise of service superior to what the Winspear was currently receiving, resulted in the Winspear agreeing to partner with CBM.

Since our partnership began in 2017, the Winspear has experienced the sustainable and reliable print service they desire. When things do go wrong, a quick call to the CBM service team results in a fixed machine the same day. The Winspear has comfort in knowing their operations will not be significantly impeded by the rare printer errors that occur. The Winspear has new performances rotating through nightly, they have the 80+ annual Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performances to manage and the current construction project all constantly on the go. These operational requirements pose enough issues for the leaders of the Winspear to deal with and print reliability shouldn't be one of them. CBM is proud to provide the Winspear with the tools necessary to operate efficiently and allow the Winspear to focus on enhancing Edmonton's Arts community.

Black and white logo for KDM Management Inc.

KDM Management

KDM Management is a condominium management service in St. Albert, Alberta. They assist boards in managing buildings and communities through meetings, budgeting, and documentation. They had several locations and a large number of files containing building information, and they were running out of server space.

We helped with file maintenance, organization, and digitizing information, and we began by taking over all print devices. All files would now be stored digitally, and we created scanning stations in 15 locations around their offices. This meant that staff could now scan workflow and file documents electronically, going paperless almost overnight.

But converting files from print to electronic was limited by the existing IT infrastructure, so we offered our full-service IT team to the task. When they installed the initial file management system, we discovered that KDM's IT provider was using Novell and other outdated programs.

Because we're one of the only office management companies in Canada to offer IT services, the need for new infrastructure wouldn't have been discovered by anyone else. Our ability to offer solutions and deal with potential problems early is one of the reasons we've been able to maintain a strong, long-term relationship with KDM Management.

Red and black logo for Alta-Fav Structures Ltd.

Alta-Fab Structures

Alta-Fab Structures produces innovative, high-quality modular buildings for industrial space and remote housing. Their office was equipped with a single refurbished printer, and they were looking to buy a range of new equipment. We provided them with a number of integrated Kyocera and Samsung devices based on their office needs.

Impressed with our cost-saving measures, they asked us for a way to track documents and implement scanning workflow software. As a growing company, Alta-Fab struggled with file naming conventions. We offered an e-file management system that automated file naming and folder structure, making it easier for employees to organize files while on the go. They also gladly accepted IT support from CBM's then new IT division in 2012.

The results were significant multifunction printer cost savings, as well as improved scanning workflow and document management. Through our ability to find new opportunities in optimizing performance, our relationship with Alta-Fab expanded from a single printer into managing their entire filing environment.

Green and blue logo for Landtran Systems Inc.

The Landtran Group of Companies

The Landtran Group of Companies is one of the largest integrated, regional distribution operations in Western Canada. They provide logistics and transport services across Canada, the US and Mexico.

Looking to streamline processes and achieve consistency on device pricing, level of service and overall organizational efficiency, Landtran requested an assessment to determine the feasibility of moving to a single provider who could include high-level service agreements and reporting parameters to routinely track device performance and cost-savings over time.

We conducted a 90-day assessment with our managed-print-service software; Steward, which projected cost savings in many tens of thousands of dollars annually and we were able to offer a service model that was effective across all of their locations, some of which presented significant logistical challenges. We also developed a customized template to monitor year-over-year changes, cost-savings and the environmental impact of their fleet.

As a result, Landtran has access to specific metrics, benchmarks, and reports that help ensure all business groups are working efficiently. By centralizing the purchase process, CBM has brought improved consistency in terms of pricing, device types and service levels. In addition, we provide collaborative support to Landtran's in-house IT personnel, working together to ensure IT systems and print devices are functioning together effectively.

Four years after our initial assessment, the success of CBM's initiatives is still apparent. Despite a 30% increase in monthly print volumes, in 2013 we were able to reduce the average monthly cost-per-page by nine percent.

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