Print Services for Automotive Dealerships

Are you running a well-oiled machine?

Your printers should run as smooth as your vehicles. Customers are expecting more and more from their dealerships. To keep up, you need fast and consistent print output for sales materials and customer files. Any bit of downtime—for any of your machines—can cost you customer trust and loyalty. That’s why a reliable, on-demand support is critical. You can get your print supply service all in one place at CBM.

Proactive Print Management

Streamlined Document Scanning

Keep paper flowing

From sales handouts to service documentation, customers want to leave the dealership with all the paperwork they need. You should never worry about printing delays. CBM can manage your printer fleet, ensuring timely equipment fixes and toner supply.

Need a one-stop print expert?

If you need more efficient print workflows, we’ll deliver a flexible, customizable solution. We build what we do around your business. 

We offer: 

  • Proactive solutions for printing problems and supply replenishment 
  • Scanning workflow solutions through a one-touch automated workflow 
  • Easy toner supply and returns 

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