Managed IT

We Remove Uncertainty

IT is an integral piece of any organization’s operations and without the proper care, it can also be the largest vulnerability to security and productivity. Downtime is costly and malware is a pernicious threat that must be handled proactively to be avoided.

CBM’s fully-managed IT services eliminate your risks and improve your overall efficiency. Our experienced and responsive team starts by getting to know your business, your IT needs, and your risks, then removes uncertainty, eliminates threats, and creates a comprehensive plan to proactively improve your operations.

Flexible Packages

No two organizations are the same, therefore we develop custom packages for every client-each designed to solve his or her unique needs.

Upfront Communication

In addition to being available 24/7 for quick, responsive service, we provide IT summaries and reviews every quarter to ensure your baseline is maintained and potential risks are eliminated.

Local Support

We provide all clients with a proactive technology manager, dedicated network administrator, and dedicated IT manager monitoring their accounts. Additionally, we provide around-the-clock customer service and support with our help desk and on-site support team for in-person assistance.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

We conduct nightly, 150-point inspections on every system and employ a 24/7 responsive help desk to ensure your system is always operating at peak performance.

Proactive Solutions

We start by aligning your systems to a baseline of productivity and security and then work to improve them further through predictive maintenance.

Our monitoring systems are second-to-none and our dedication to being at the forefront of all technological advancements is unwavering. We have invested heavily in our IT division to equip ourselves with the latest technology and expertise so that we stay at the top of business needs.

Integrated Print & IT

Our managed IT services act as a natural extension of our office automation and print expertise. By incorporating print and IT, we deliver more cohesive, top-to-bottom solutions that simplify your operations.

"Anyone can sell hardware. What sets CBM aside from the rest is superior support, knowledge and accountability. They own the whole process from start to finish. Case closed" -Paul Fahey-ICT Manager, JV Driver Projects

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